PATENT # 4-888-678

This product prolongs the life of an ordinary incandescent bulb by at least 10 times its rated life. It also saves energy up to 27.8%. It does this trick by soft-starting the Bulb to alleviate the thermal shock when switched on and by reducing the RMS voltage fed to the bulb by chopping off a portion of Sinusoidal Wave Voltage.


PATENT #5-201-193

This product prolongs the life of an ordinary incandescent bulb by at least 10 times its rated life. It also saves energy up to 27.8%. It does this trick by soft-starting the Bulb to alleviate the thermal shock when switched on and by reducing the RMS voltage fed to the bulb by chopping off a portion of Sinusoidal Wave Voltage.


PATENT # 5 – 209 – 238

There is no greater crime than bringing an unwanted child to this planet earth.
This microprocessor – based, thermometer – like device tells a women whether she is about to ovulate or a viable egg is already present in her body at any given time. She can then take some precaution to prevent an unwanted pregnancy.If she wants to have a baby, then she knows that will be the most opportune time to conceive.
Buying birth control pills, month after month may be hazardous to your health and to your wealth!
This product is also immensely useful in animal husbandry.


PATENT # 5 – 042 – 258

Plug this beverage container into your auto’s cigarette lighter….it keep the coke cool. Flip the switch to the other side….it keeps your coffee warm. It either removes or adds the heat to your beverage independently depending on the position of the switch.


PATENT # 4 – 955 – 203

Have you ever experienced a hot furnace-like condition when you open the door of your car after parking it under the hot sun?
For the first time, the photo voltaic (solar) and thermo electric (Peltier) technologies are combined to keep your car cool when parked under the hot sun. This amazing product is equally valuable in winter by keeping ice from forming on the windshield.


PATENT # 5 – 365 – 162

The energy saving and life extension circuitry is incorporated in various physical embodiments. The wall switch, traffic light control box, regular socket (to be wired), exit signs, etc. which contain this unique patented circuit; will soft start any incandescent light bulb and at the same time chop off a portion of sinusoidal voltage input. As s result, the bulb’s life will be extended at least 10 times its rated life and saving the energy up to 27.8%.


PATENT #6-094-917

For short term storage everybody keeps their Cigars in an attractive small wooden box called “Humidors”. But for long term storage, Expensive Cigars, must be kept at a low temperature. This is because the tobacco leave which is wrapped around contains small larvae (eggs). If the temperature is 70°F and above for some length of time, then these eggs hatch & bore holes in Cigar. The rich people usually construct a separate A.C. Room to store their Cigar and Wines. The middleclass and others will keep their Cigars in home Refrigerators along with food & milk. This causes some problems.
The Inventor designed and constructed a regular Humidor with the solid state cooling Thermoelectric chip and proper heat sink. This makes the regular humidor as a refrigerated humidor, for the first time in the world.


PATENT #6-453-678

There are more than 7 million trucks in America (18 wheelers). On the average, a driver drives about 100,000 miles per year. This means the truck drivers spend most of their time on road. The driver needs to rest and sleep. All the 18 wheelers have a small bunk, back of the driver seat. When the driver needs to rest / sleep, (s)he parks the truck in the “Truck stops” or on the ramps of freeway. When the driver rests / sleeps in the bunk, (s)he turns on the 600 horse power main engine & keeps it running for up to 8 hours to power the main A.C. This creates monumental pollution. Also the driver wastes about $5,000 worth of fuel @ one dollar a gallon, per year burning the fuel when s(he) rests / sleeps. The inventor designed and built a “Micro Air conditioner” to cool the small bunk area where the driver sleeps. This A.C. requires smaller amount of power. No need to idle the main engine. A rechargeable marine battery powers the micro A. C. up to 8 hours. While the driver is driving the truck, the truck’s main alternator charges the marine battery. The micro A.C. costs much less than $ 5,000 (The cost of wasted fuel per year). This is one time investment for future 20 plus years.


PATENT #6-285-119

This is the light Bulb which lasts up to 40,000 hours and twice as efficient compared to a regular incandescent bulb. E-lamp consumes 35 watts but gives a light output equal to a 75 watt regular house-hold bulb. The compact fluorescent Lamp(CFL) is more efficient than E-lamp. But E-lamp costs much less than CFL. Also the color rendition of E-Lamp is almost equal to day light and it does not contain the hazardous materials like Mercury and Phosphorous. The color rendition of CFL is less than desirable and contains the hazardous materials.


PATENT #7-178-523

Lack of it causes reduced immune system. Asthama, fatique, cancer and host of other physical and mental (Depression) maladies are caused by lack of O2.
In USA /Europe millions of O2 cans are sold. O2 bars are proliferating like McDonalds franchises.
More than pure water, pure O2 is most important. In early 1980’s the bottle water business was almost zero. In early 2004, it was a whopping US $17.00 Billions! It is predicted that O2 business will exceed the water bottles. aquOgen TM is similar to a water bottle. On the top pure water is stored and at the bottom in separate chamber, pure O2 is stored. aquOgen TM rests on a mouth piece base. The user holds the bottle horizontally and place his or her nose on the nose rest. This covers whole mouth. Jently press with mouth piece, lo! the pure O2 flows into the nose.
This is a disposable product just like water bottle.
The present water bottle is like dinosaurs! aquOgen TM(oxyaqua) is the thing for every human being on planet earth in the 21st century. A separate Web Site is under construction about this product called www.aquOgen.com


PATENT #D461-260

In this version, the E-Lamp is made in two parts, E-Base and E-Bulb. The E-Base is a permanent fixture. While the E-Bulb is removable from E-Base. Thus, when eventually the E-Bulb burns out, a new inexpensive E-Bulb is inserted into permanent E-Base. In the long run this system is more economical because the E-Base up to 15 years (its designed life).


PATENT #7-804-233

In a regular incandescent light bulb the cost of the filament is about 15%. The other 85% is for the cost of glass bulb, metal cap, lead and support wires etc. When this 15% filament burns out, the customer will throw away the other good 85% parts. No more! In DFB there will be two filaments instead of one. When one filament burns out the other filament can be used, to keep the bulb operational. Thus saving enormous amount of raw materials, energy used in making a bulb and in addition creating more convenience for the customers in not changing the bulb.


PATENT #7-905-626

In any Compact Fluorescent Lamp the electronic ballast is more expensive than the spiral bulb. Also the ballast has about 30000 – 50000 hours life, whereas the spiral bulb has a life of between 6000 – 8000 hours. When the spiral bulb burns out, the customer will throw away the good electronic ballast also. This is because both the lamp and ballast parts are not separable. No more! In Smart Lite the ballast and spiral lamp are separable. Thereby the customers can easily interchange the bulb and ballast part. For the entrepreneur this creates a lot of profitability in addition to environmental friendly (Not throwing away the good ballast) and creating convenience to the customer.
All these can be avoided by incorporating the ionization circuit in the air vent itself. Now we do not need a separate space. The forced air coming through the vent, pass through the ionization and the clean air fills the room. Because there are no fans or the tower, the cost of our product is a small fraction of the air cleaner tower and also there is no sound and consumes a lot less power.


PATENT #8-850-836

A small rechargeable battery powered air-conditioner will keep the interior of the car cool when parked under hot sun. The small compressor is connected to the existing condenser, evaporator and the air vents. Thermostatically controlled compressor turns on, when the set temperature reaches a certain point. When this temperature falls below a set level, then the compressor is turned off. The battery is recharged while driving the car.


PATENT #8-273-161

The indoor air in any home contains lot of pollutants like skin/hair dandruff, chemical particles due to cleaning of floors and carpets, formaldehyde due to furniture’s and wood trimmings, the pollen dust mite etc. All these pollutants are no-where to go because of the air tight construction, to save the energy. Compared to air in a park, the indoor air is 5 times more polluted. This is according to FDA observation. Generally people will bring a tower containing two fans and ionization circuit. One fan success the dirty air through the ionizer. All the leaving organisms are zapped and micron size dust particles will deposit on a filter. Another fan pushes the clean air out. Even though this does clean the air entering into the “air cleaner” but it has few drawbacks. The first is, it needs its own place to be kept. Second, people trip on the wire which comes out from the wall outlet to the air cleaner which is kept almost at the center of the room. Third, it makes the sound all the time. Consumes lot of energy.


PATENT #8 -350- 452

A low power Plasma lights up brilliantly in a tiny capsule. This replaceable bulb fits into an advanced electronic ballast which can be easily screwed-in into an existing socket. The plasma bulb lasts up to 12,000 hours with an efficiency of 80 Lumens per Watt. The ballast is a permanent fixture. Cheaper and Better than LED.

USPTO ( United States Patent & Trademark Office )

Add Patent Registration numbers # 60 / 696,188 ……11 / 839,420 ………… 12 / 566,702….. 13 / 066,448 ……..14 / 526,495 14 / 589,139 ( and the following Test. Fast Freeze must come first before Frost Fire).
In almost all of 125 Million American Households at least one Micro Waven is used.
When they were introduced in 1980’s they were selling at more than $800.00 People were skeptical saying “ When I have Cooking Stove why I need it “”. Today millions upon millions are sold. Some of them for less than $100.00. But all over the world no body has “Instant Cooling ” device without Ice. That is until Fast Freeze.
When a person wants to desires a cold drink then for the duration of its consumption, approx. ten minutes it is desirable to have the cold temperature. If this is the case then it is senseless to maintain this cold temperature for days & weeks. This wastes the precious Refrigeration space in addition to Electricity because Compressor has to work intermittently. and waste electricity.
Fast Freeze Cools Wine Bottle, Beer Cans, Juice, Water in 3 to 4 minutes. Because there is no need to store them in fridge that space can be used to store other perishables. Say if Tomato on sale then you can buy more of them.
This is in addition to a big convenience. If the person has forgot to store his / her favorable drink in fridge and desires to drink one at any moment then Fridge / Freezer are not helpful in cooling. Even Fridge needs about 90 minutes to cool.


FROST FIRE ANY TEMP # 11 / 839,420 B

REGISTRATION # 60 /696, 188 – A

Truly a 21st century product. The present Micro Wave Owen, for quick heat is an essential gadget of every kitchen. But there is no gadget for quick cool or fast freeze (opposite to that of Micro Wave). That is until this new invention! Any Temp(TM) is a 2-in-1 gadget which is the combination of Micro Wave and quick freeze. You can cool a 6-pack cans in few seconds or freeze water in an Ice tray in few short minutes. The regular Refrigerator / Freezer takes an annoying long duration to do this job.


Kool KweenTM


The present practice is to open the Refrigerator door, pick up usually 1.0 Gallon milk Container, pour the milk into a Coffee Cup or Cereal Bowl, bring back the container, store it in the Refrigerator and close the Door. The 1.0 Gallon Milk container weighs about 8.0 Pounds. Needs bit of efforts to lift it, specially by children. Also, more amount of milk may be poured into Coffee than intended, In rare event, specially kids may drop the whole milk container creating a mess.
All the above drudgery may be avoided by using this Counter Top and Attractive Kool Kween. Once in the morning milk is filled into the easy to clean Stainless Steel Container of Kool Kween. This Container is maintained at Refrigerator temp by using Solid State Cooling Chips. IN USA, there are 135 Million Households. Generally every house has a Coffee Maker. Therefore potential for this Proprietary product is in millions.


Sav – A – Lot


Places where Coffee is served, like Starbucks, McDonald and other fast food restaurants they generally keep 3 Thermos Flasks containing Regular, Skim and Half & Half Cream milk. Customers must unscrew the chosen milk flask, pour into their Coffee cup, and screw the Cap back on to the Flask. Some times they may pour more than intended amount of milk. In rare occasion, they may drop the Flask creating a mess.
Also, on the same table 3 separate containers are kept holding Regular, Equal and Splenda Sugars packets. To add sugar, they have to select what kind they wanted, tear the package and pour into their Cup.
All the above drudgeries is eliminated due to use of ‘ Sav – A – Lot ’. It stores 3 kind of milk in a refrigerated container. By pressing a button a measured amount of the chosen milk will fall into the coffee cup. The 3 different kinds of Sugars are stored on the top of this refrigerated box. By pressing a button, a measured amount of Chosen Sugar will fall into the cup. Avoids all the clutter. Also, saves a lot of money because a pound of looser Sugar sells for $2.00 and same 1 pound of packaged sugar cost $15.00


IC Hot Pat Rg # 61 / 271,024 and 12 / 581, 900

Food serving in millions of Restaurants; Weddings & Parties around the world food is served in the appropriate temperature Hot or Cold in Buffet type of  Settings. To keep the food warm a small flame is used.   When the fuel for the flame is fully consumed then it must be replaced.   Flame is fire hazardous. Needs someone watching.  To keep the Dessert / Fruit Salad / Ice cream cool, the bowl is buried in a large ice cube.   This needs of filling the ice cubes, after some time cleaning the melted ice slush & re-filling fresh cubes.   More inconvenience and messy.
We use NASA developed Hot / Cold making Solid State Chip to heat or cool the food container.  No Flames or messy Ice Cubes.  No electric Heaters or Compressor.



REGISTRATION # 60 / 583, 010

This is small hand held device. A smooth blue disc in it attains the freezing temperature in a jiffy just by pressing a button. Gently press the cold blue disc against cheeks, forehead, etc to get a cool relief from hot environment. A high utility product for golfers, joggers, beach enthusiasts or just about any one who desire to beat the heat! Works on AA-size batteries. Product is already in the market. To learn more about this product please visit www.marketlaunchers.com/ubkool.html


e – Bra Add Pat Registration # 61 / 342,594

An ordinary looking bra. But contains all the electronics in the bottom strip. When a woman wears it and presses a switch, a quick scanning takes place. A beep will be heard if the scanning detects any tiny clot or tumour. Early detection in curing the breast cancer. A great life saver.




SEECS – Solar Earth Economical Cold Storage ( SEECS )
  1. In India price of Tomatoes’ & vegetables varies drastically from day to day & week to week.
    As per one source, the prices of Tomato’s lowest price is Rs 6 per KG which is less than growing cost.  A few days later this may go as high Rs 50 or even Rs 60/=
  2. When the price is too low, the small farmer discards the tomatoes and other perishables because he does not have a cold storage to store them for 2 to 3 weeks.
  3. Building a Cold Storage room and trying to keep it cold @ 15 degrees C is beyond the reach of small farmers.   This needs a lot of energy input to counter the Sun beating down on roof and heat conductance from the high ambient atmosphere.
  4. OUR CONCEPT: Few feet underground the temp is constant at 24 C, 24 / 7  irrespective of outside temp.

If if the cold room is built underground, no Sun will beating down on the cold room.  Then it makes a bit easier to reduce the temp from 24 to 15 C  rather than 35 / 45  to 15.  At 15 C, the perishables last up to one month.


Aqua Cool Pat Rg # 08 / 249,716

Every year millions of Water Purifiers are sold in India. They purify water but none of them makes it cold. According to Coke Cola, any cold beverage is enjoyable if the Temperature is around 15 to 18 C. Water kept in Refrigerator is about 2 to 5 C, too cold for comfort. It is desirable to drink purified COLD Water.
To solve this problem we have developed a cold engine based on NASA Technology based Solid State Cooling Chip. This is attached to any Pure Water Reservoir as shown in the figure.


Kool Mule ( Special Custom Made A.C. for Army Tanks )

Working as a science consultant for U.S. Tank Manufacturer in Pennsylvania this Inventor design, built and installed a special a.c. for army Tank.  Until Kuwait war in 1990, all the tanks were deployed fighting the wars in Japan, Germany, Korea, mostly cold countries.  No need for an a.c.   In the tropical countries, Tank crew wear Ice jackets.  But many parts of the body is exposed to intense heat in the metal interior.  The very harsh circumstance to fight.  From Kuwait War to Iraq War, U.S. Army spent millions of dollars in solving the critical challenges in building an a.c. for tanks but did not succeed.  There are many critical problems like Space ( only about 3 Cubic Ft was allowed ), with high ambient temperature in the dessert up to 50 C, it is extremely difficult to cool the refrigerant in the Condenser which is already hot, hi G-force where the refrigerants may leak out, etc.   This Inventor solved all the problems and installed the a.c. in a Tank in less than 4 months and at a minute fraction of the cost of prior Army’s expenses.

Self Heating Beverage Cup

Patent  Registration # 12 / 683,076

Millions of people attending a places where any kind of Flame is prohibited due to Fire Hazard, like Haj pilgrims to Mecca, desire to drink hot tea after long wait.  Unfortunately they are not allowed to carry any kind of Stove to heat the water.  But they carry plenty of drinking water.

Using our unique disposable Cup they can make hot water in less than 3 minutes.  No flame OR electricity is required.   A Styrofoam Cup contains an interior Metal foil Cup.  Between these Cups, Concentrated Lime crystals are filled.  On top of it a thin Circular peal able paper is fixed.  Whenever the consumer wants to make hot tea then he / she peels off the circular wrap.  Pour some water all around the lime.  Add required amount of water is filled in the inner Cup.  A powerful endothermic reaction occurs between Lime & water resulting heating the water to about 85 C.  Then a Tea Bag may be dipped in the hot water.


Patent Registration #  12 / 712,677

Power failures happens  quite often in any developing country.  During the exam time Students suffer most.  Similarly when people are camping OR in outdoor needs some light and if the battery is dead in their flash light then that will be very undesirable experience.

Staylit can be built as a Table Lamp  or a Lantern.   It has an efficient LED bulb which shines with a brilliant light all around. This will consume only 3 Watts but its luminosity is similar to a 40 W incandescent bulb.

This luminary can be plugged into any out let under normal condition.   If there is a power failure, then there is a tiny built in generator at the bottom.  When hand cranked for FIVE minutes, the Lamp will shed the light for about SIXTY minutes.  There are two AA size rechargeable cells built-in.

Document Disclosure REGISTRATION

Generally, a Pen will be kept in almost every room in a hotel . Also, whenever any one wants to recall a birth date or a phone number then a small percentage of population will use their smart phone. If this is forgotten to take or it lacks the charge then that poses a problem. In olden days, people used to carry a small diary along with a Pen. In this diary they have written important info.

Pentel is a wring ball point pen. Also it stores either Hand Written OR Printed info. on a plastic based paper like a “ Scroll ” roller 6 inch length, 2.5 inch wide is located inside the body of the Pen. A slit is made on the body of the pen through which the paper exit. One end of this is attached to a roller spindle which is spring loaded. The other end of the paper scroll is attached a thin metal strip. After pulling the paper all the way & when let it go the paper winds back into the roller.

Any important info OR data can be written on this paper. More profit may be made if Pentel is used for commercial purposes. Like printing different Branches of the Hotel + Telephone numbers, this Pentel is kept in each room of the hotel. Compliment gift given to each share holder in their annual meetings. The company can print all the vital info.. Other uses: Train or Bus schedule. Capitols of each Country / state. Conversion Chart. Formulas. Cricket Match Schedule. There are endless uses.

No need to manufacture the pens. Buy them wholesale and do the needed changes in-house. OR contract with pen manufacturers.


Magic Wand ( Instant on the spot Electronic Gold Plating )

Instant Electronic Gold Plating is done on the spot by using this Electronic Gun and custom made Gold solution. This process utilizes every atom of gold and bonds with base atom. This Atom to Atom bonding can be done on Silver, Copper, Steel, Brass etc. This is about 30% more economical than the traditional method of Chemical dipping of articles for some extended period. In this traditional method there is some left over gold which cannot be recoverable.

Electronic Plating can be done on the spot on Silver articles, jewelry, photo frames, emblems of Car & Scooters, watch Band, Door knobs in 5 Star Hotels, Watch Band, eye glass frames, Knives / Forks / Spoons / Plates, Faucets and hundreds of other articles.

This can be made as Franchise business. An Entrepreneur selects few educated & unemployed persons in a particular locality. Trains them for half a day. Provides the needed tools and info Sheets. One info sheet explains how much Time / Gold Solution is needed to plate all different articles. It also explains how much to charge for each plated article. Then the Entrepreneur supplies each franchisee the required Custom Made Gold Salutation and makes a reasonable profit on that.

Because it is atom to atom bonding, a Life Warranty can be given. Electronic Gold Plating is not only economical also it is PERMANENT.

An entrepreneur can do the same thing on other thousands of localities.


Refrigerated HELMET

The most unpleasant experience for a bike rider is wearing the Helmet during hot weather. The perspiration will drenching from head. When head is hot, it does not function to its full efficiency.

Our Concept involves adding a NASA developed Solid State Cooling Chip to the interior of the Helmet. This keeps the head at comfortable level irrespective of ambient temperature.





Kool King OR KoolMan

One of the unpleasant thing is to drink the water taken out from a Refrigerator. Also, to quench the thirst, water must be few degree below room temperature. In Star hotels every room has a small Refrigerator. But invariably the customer calls the Room boy either to warm up the water taken out from refrigerator OR Cool down the water which is kept at room temperature. THERE IS NO REFRIGERATOR IN THE WORLD TO KEEP BOTTLE WATER TO AT THE COMFORTABLE DRINKING TEMPERATURE THAT IS AT 15 Degree C.

As per the Law, the non star hotels must keep water in every room for the benefit of customers. Most of the Customers do not drink this water. Eventually this water is wasted. Customers generally call the room boy to fetch the mineral water which is charged to the room.

Kool King is an attractive small Table top refrigerator with a glass door and a blue LED light inside. Two Mineral water bottles of One Liter each are kept inside. This is cooled by NASA developed Solid State Cooling Chip and the temperature is kept at 15 C. If this refrigerator is used for any other purposes then the Temperature can be lowered by turning a knob.

Kool King can also be used on Executive desk, lounges to store milk for Coffee, Small Clinics, Doctor’s office, village Animal husbandry Hospitals, etc.


Oxy Joy

Oxy Joy TM is a simple electronically controlled heater which is plugged into a 12 Volts D. C. cigarette lighter power source in any vehicle. Now a days most of the people do use this outlet for charging their cell phones, GPS etc. OxyJoy TM is about 6.0 inch in length and have a diameter of about 2.0 inches. At top OxyJoy TM will have a large opening where the “ Pellets ” ( or similar to coin) solid shape containing ingredients to produce the Oxygen are inserted / dropped. The size of the pellets / coins can be varied to last one to four hours.

Pellets are the “ Consumables ”. People buying OxyJoy TM must buy the pellets repeatedly

Market Size: In USA alone there are in excess of 220 Million Vehicles on the roads. In Saudi Arabia alone there are in excess of 13 Million Cars.

How Consumer will know the benefits of Oxy Joy ?

The answer is simple. Compare when you drive for 2 hours and when you sit in a Park for same 2 hours. Sitting in park invigorates you and you feel fresh & energetic. This is due to abundance of Oxygen because of many trees and vegetation. But driving in a Car you get fatigue. This is due to lack of Oxygen in a closed vehicle. The Car engine is hogging lot of air / Oxygen.



Millions of Bicycle riders around the world has to face Rain, Scorching Heat, fFying Dust Particles etc. They are fully exposed without any protection.

One of the CONCEPT is to make a transparent, thick plastic enclosure supported on light Aluminum Tubular skeleton. An industrial strength zipper is unzipped before the rider sits on the seat then zips it back. To lessen the impact of side winds, holes are made at proper positions. Round Covers to these holes are made & attached to the top end of the plastic ( Inner side ) leaving the circular cover yield to the wind. When there is no cross wind these covers cover the holes. The whole product can be made most inexpensively.



A typical electric Cloth Dryer uses from 1,800  to  5,000 Watts.  This is generally done by Resistive heating ( I2 R Loss ). This is most inefficient way of heating. In US alone the energy consumed by these Dryers is 66 Billion KWH / Yr.  Carbon footprint is 7 Million Metric Tons.

Heating an object by Micro Wave is incredibly efficient.  Ceramic bars lined inside the rotating drum of a Cloth Dryer is heated by Micro Wave.   This saves astronomical amount of Energy / Carbon Footprint /Cost.


Fun Run

Assemble and dis-assemble this unique scooter in few seconds. Works on a rechargeable battery. When not in use, dismantle it in few seconds and carry it in a backpack!

Colloidal  Silver

When two silver wires ( Electrodes ) which are connected to Positive & Negative side of a battery are dipped into distilled water, then microscopic particles of Silver which are called  “ Colloids ” jump off the electrodes and into the water. As per many Scientific studies and several Medical Journals, this Colloidal  drink is most powerful agent against Viruses, Bacteria and tremendously improvers the general well being ( Dr. Henry Crooks,  Dr. R.A.  Kehoe et al )

The average daily intake of fruits & vegetables provide between 50 to 100 milli grams of Silver.  Whereas just one Teaspoon of 5 ppm colloidal silver provides 25 mg.  Daily 3  to  5 spoonful’s would give nutritionally adequate amount of Silver.  Only few days of this colloidal silver drinking is good enough for overall well being.

This Inventor has made a simple device to covert any water into colloidal silver water.


Shampoo Pellets

It is quite wasteful when you pour more than needed shampoo in your hand when you are taking a shower.  It will be messy if you try to put excess shampoo back into the bottle.  Specially kids are known for this abundant waste.

Some times while traveling in the air the Shampoo stored in  toiletry bag  will ooze out due to pressure difference thus creating a mess.

The above nuisance can be avoided my making small pellets of shampoo.  The shampoo may be filled in the pellets made out of dissolvable material.  This process can be done by a special machinery and in a short duration millions of pellets can be made.  There are many things which comes in pelletized form, like fish oil, different medications, etc.  Making the liquid contained in a pellet shape container is not new.

There are literally several kinds of liquid shampoos are sold in the market by millions of bottles, like Johnson & Johnson,  Head & Shoulder, etc.   The Entrepreneur who is willing to start this venture may contact all these Companies to arrange a lucrative business deal.  Other alternative is he can make his own brand shampoo in pellet form and fill the bottles & market. This will be an unique form of Shampoo. Getting few pellets on the hand from the bottle and putting back the extra pellets into bottle is much easier than liquid Shampoo.


If any body needs to join 2 or more insulated electrical wires then it requires stripping to remove some insulation, twisting the bare wires, soldering for permanent connection and finally either wrapping an insulation tape around the bare wires OR using a plastic nut.    This is time consuming lengthy process.   To avoid this drudgery, this Inventor designed and built a small hand held inexpensive device to permanently join 2 or more wires  in a flash.  No stripping or soldering is involved.  Push the insulated wires  in opposite directions into this device.  Like paper stapler, firmly press a button.  Bingo ! the wires are stripped and the bare ends of the wires are twisted.  Just twist a plastic  nut around the joint to get the job done in a jiffy.

In addition to time  & energy , the soldering used otherwise is also saved.